Saturday, February 14, 2009

blink-182 scheduled for Modlife - update

It seems that blink-182 will be joining Modlife. Justin Goldberg (a Modlife employee and very reliable source) updated his Twitter page with 'Modlife: Blink-182 coming soon'. What are your thoughts on this? I was always hoping they wouldn't do this, but I guess it was inevitable.
To see the twitter update, click


arve said...

I think Modlife seems like one of the easiest ways for bands to keep their fans up-to-date.

That they're joining Modlife doesn't mean that everything they do is going to cost us (fans) a lot of money, the Angels content is mostly free..

chrisray said...

That's true. A lot of people are saying that it isn't what blink-182 is about. The potential problem could be that nobody wants to object to what another person says just incase a huge argument starts, which may lead to them breaking up. I think it's a good idea, I just hoped they wouldn't do that and just keep the stuff free from their website and such, as they used to.

Ghent said...

I'm glad they're joining because it will be cool to see the guys taking questions and fucking off on modcam. Also, Modlife's presentation and video quality is top notch. It brings fans a lot closer than a normal website would.