Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Give Tom the mic!

Access Hollywood caught up with blink after their big reunion announcement at the grammys and we once again were shown an excited Mark Hoppus and a quiet Tom Delonge. However, If this video shows anything, it shows that Tom is simply nervous and anxious, and there isn't really much to lose sleep over. He does manage to score a little mic attention at the very end which he uses to share some of that humor we all grew to love about him in the previous blink days. People are definitely looking into the possibility of disaster way too closely. Y'all should just relax, pop in your favorite blink record, and happily consider the possibility that this summer you may just get yourself a new favorite.


juice182 said...

lol the end is funny tom gets dissed.

Mark Callow said...

tom just gets totally ignored the whole way through that haha especially at the end!!