Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New podcast


We talk about

-Blink 182 possibly going on Warped tour and if it's a good idea
-What bands we'd like to see/could see blink touring with
-Will Tom will fall in love with Blink again once they start touring
-Blink joining Modlife and perhaps sounding like AVA
-Travis' surgery.
-Next weeks news predictions


mattattack said...

the podcast was fucking rad! i hope you guys keep it going! it was nice to hear some levelheaded dudes talk about blink and everything else involved!

Alex said...

i love these podcasts guys!! the insight is awesome. i especially like Aria's comments. definitely a good listen for any major blink fan. can't wait for the next one

NotForsaken said...

I am having no luck downloading this thing, I either can't open the link, or I download it and it is 0kb large, am I the only one?