Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Should this cause worry?

"What a great new toy!!! Phone blogs... I will be addressing the blink
thing very shortly... Angels and Airwaves is never going to go
away.... Don't worry... Just a little something different for a bit...
Stay tuned .... AVA has a lot comn'"

What is causing AAA fans to jump for joy is sending Blink fans into a fit of rage! But should they be angry/worried? They already received their own message direct from Blink-182's main page reassuring them that Blink is back and ready to conquer the world.
Hopefully as Tom's blog stated he will address the blink situation with extreme detail SOONER than later.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it should worry. Tom is clearly in it for the cash.

Always 182 said...

That picture looks photoshopped. I'm really wondering if Blink 182 is just in it for the money yea. That would totally suck.

Mick Sampson said...

I don't think they would sell out like that, they are most probably doing it with good intention for the fans, and Tom Delonge has moved on way way further and advanced not just in his vocals and guitar skills but in every aspect, Tom Delonge is my hero and he got me into playing guitar at a young age and he inspires me constantly