Friday, September 25, 2009

New news from MODCAM *EXCLUSIVE!*

-Talking about finishing Up All Night in New York. Should be coming soon
-European tour in August (specifically mentioned England and Germany)
-AVA tour March/April
-Travis doesn't want to fly so it will be hard to get to Japan and such
-Doesn't want to talk about breakup anymore. It's over and done.

-Rick Devoe

There you go! Exclusive shit you wont even find on yet. ;]
(thanks to ghent from the forums)


Anonymous said...

mmmmmm kit kat.....

Anonymous said...

WTF about 182online.

use your erection 1&2 said...

anyone else not able to log into the forums or even create a new account?

-use your erection 1&2

Anonymous said...

good job ;)

Anonymous said...


He was talking about an AvA song, NOT blink-182... you guys fail.

niku said...

get your fucking facts straight you piece of shit.

he talked bout up all night and then tom talked about an ava song.

you fail at life.