Monday, December 7, 2009

a blink movie in the work, may happen with or without blinks approval!

Brandon Flores wants to make a movie about the early days of Blink-182. The only problem? He can't seem to get Blink-182 involved. Flores, 24, is a filmmaker who grew up in San Diego(Blink are from nearby Poway, California) idolizing the music and antics of Mark, Tom and Travis, and at the beginning of the year — after a viewing of 2005 docu-drama "Lords Of Dogtown" — he decided that someone should make a movie about the band's early days. And that someone should be him."I saw that movie and I thought, 'The guys in Blink deserve a movie like that about them,' " Flores told MTV News. "They have an awesome life, and they're one of my favorite bands. So the idea got in my head, and over the summer — right around the time of the Blink reunion tour — my friends and I started writing a script about their early days." Called "Blink," the film follows the adventures of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and original drummer Scott Raynor as they start a band (in DeLonge's garage) begin playing shows and slowly earn a fanbase. It also documents their struggles — including Raynor's exit in 1998 — and ends with DeLonge and Hoppus meeting Travis Barker, forming the Blink that millions of fans know and love today Determined to make the film as accurate as possible Flores and his friends have spent the majority of the year interviewing fans who were at Blink's early shows, and they count Mark's sister Anne's 200 band bio Tales From Beneath Your Mom as inspiration for the movie.

They also began calling Blink-182's management company, with the hopes of securing the rights to a few early songs for the film. So far, no luck"We've been trying to get in touch with their management, or even the guys in Blink, because we'd like to use their songs in the movie," Flores said. "Or maybe we could even get the guys to do a cameo in the film."(MTV News' attempts to reach Blink-182's management for comment proved unsuccessful by press time.) Even if Flores doesn't get Blink's blessing, he's stil planning to make the movie ("I guess we'll just try not to show any Blink songs in it," he said), and, as such, he's begun the casting process, placing ads on Craigslist in the hopes of rounding out the cast Everything was going swimmingly until one of those ads ended up being linked to on, which suddenly turned his little movie into very big news and drew the ire of Blink fans everywhere. which suddenly turned his little movie into very big news and drew the ire of Blink fans everywhere"We've been getting a lot of angry e-mails, people asking me why we're making a movie, if the guys in Blink are still alive or saying we're going around trying to make up history, since we weren't there at the beginning," Flores said. "I try to tell them that I'm a Blink fan, and I'm trying my best not to f--- up history.

We've been getting help from a lot of fans who were there at the beginning. We want to do this right." So, armed with some promising headshots ("We've gotten a lot of Marks, and we're close to casting one") and a $55,000 budget, Flores is hoping to do just that. The plan is to start filming "Blink" in April and Flores and his crew are busy scouting locations They're also not giving up hope of securing a Blink song or two, or maybe even that elusive cameo — something Hoppus didn't seem opposed to when MTV News contacted him about the film on Monday(December 7), even if he had no idea what we were talking about when we asked him."No, I didn't know anything about the movie. I wonder how it pays?" Hoppus wrote in an e-mail

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this guy needs to get a day one wants to see his hack job movie about blink. if blink's not involved, i dont want to see it. and what, no blink songs in the blink movie? wtf is that. lame! quit while your ahead, dont embarass yourself anymore.

no one wants to see your crap!