Sunday, February 15, 2009

blink-182 obviously hard at work...

Due to the lack of blog posts in the past couple of days, it's evident that blink-182 are hard at work recording their new album. Mark hasn't updated his blog since the 12th February (3 days ago) and the only thing Tom has blogged about is the next Modcast where he'll be talking about the blink-182 situation to all of the worried Angels & Airwaves fans and the eager-to-know blink fans.

There's also been a little speculation over Angels & Airwaves. People are in doubt that they will break up - and they aren't sad about it - neither am I. As many have said though, I very much doubt AVA will break up, due to the amount of money put into that band by Tom.

As for +44, I think it's safe to say that they are done. We've heard nothing about +44 for pretty much a year. I am slightly saddened by this, as +44 was my favourite out of the two 'side-projects' but as long as blink-182 release an amazing album (as I'm sure it will be) and tour the world (as I'm sure that's what planned) then I am happy. I doubt that this will be the last blink-182 album, but based on what Tom says on Modlife - we'll have to wait and see.


Steve said...

or they don't work weekends?

Anonymous said...

yeah i think they had the weekend off, as it was valentines day as well