Monday, February 16, 2009

Tom's blink/angels modcam discussion


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Things regarding blink you should be aware of:
-Blink 182 isn't going away after this new album/tour
-Him and Mark make fun of old articles relating to their "fighting"
-He records in LA once a week w/ blink and in San Diego once a week
-Blink may sound like angels a little bit
-They are throwing around album titles
-He is going to balance the two bands out
-Mark and Travis are into the idea of getting a blink modlife
-If you're signed up for an AAA account then you might get the blink account free
-The blink tour will come before the new blink album
-Every song he has played on modcam that he has been working on.. is blink
-They have been getting along amazingly well. The communication/respect is
better than ever.
-Travis is healing great
-Tom is pretty sure plus 44 is dead RIGHT NOW. He says wether they pick it back up
later down the line is up to Mark and Travis.

iSimon from the boards also gave us this link
which has clips of blink songs in the making!

God, this is like christmas isn't it?


Bennett said...

i remember hearing those on older modcams. hearing them now though really excites me about the new record

TomMarkTravis said...

I'm not extremely excited at the fact that blink will sound that much like AVA, but w/e I'm still happy. Great news. Thanks to whoever uploaded/ripped the modcam and thanks to Aria for typing all that out.

TomMarkTravis said...

YES that 5th one is the one i was hoping would a blink song, with that cool riff ;)

content said...

shoulda had this up sooner! absolutepunk picked up the story and linked to 182online

TomMarkTravis said...

W/e it doesn't really matter who got it up first.

I always link to this site when I'm telling my friends news about blink.. I tell them to go and signup at blink-182online.. but they never end up making an account. Lazy bastards, etc. But yeah I link this site to people pretty much everywhere

RecklessTheory said...

yeah this site's still the best imo

hannah said...

i wish they were doing a bigger tours, chances of them coming to the UK?

Holly said...

hey why's the video down??
ah, i haven't had a chance to watch it yet!
please put it back up!